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Attention - too late! The cr@zy german is back in town!

the cr@zy german is back in your town! Hey folks!
Its great to be back!
Its great to be here!
Its great to be anywhere!*

*words by Keith Richards

After the death of my mother (93) on 17th of august 2013 I packed my car like a flodder and started my first journey on 30.4 (walpurgisnight).
First of may I arrived at borabora beach in st. tropez.
6 days later I watched Manuel Neuer in Camp Nou (Barcelona) getting 3 goals in the second half time. 3 days later, at 9th of may, some thiefs stole 3 cameras out of my controlled car (worth more than 4.000 euro + 40 art prints immortale a 98 Euro + 2 boss suits, original ferrari shirts... in total more than 10.000 Euro).
My fucking insurance only paid 345 Euro!!!
The police in barcelona seemed to be very interested.. i felt like case number 115 out of 511.

"Remember the day, 11th of may, thats my birthday" - I celebrated my 60th birthday in lloret de mar.
How i got a ticket about 45 euro for overtaking 8 km/h in st. tropez on 12th of may at 6:45 am is still a mystery for me.

Where I watched the f1 race in monte carlo i tell you later...

Sorry, but I must tell you now -> in the new monacco yacht club!
Later I was on CELESTE, an old warship for a big aftershow party.

Yesterday I arrived from the F1 race in spielberg (austria). Tomorrow I will go to goodwood, silverstone, wimbledon and I will meet my good old friend bill wyman in his sticky fingers restaurante.
For my very first concert I chose the rolling stones on the 20th september 1970: since this time I watched my favorite "boygroup" 36 times on all continents - except africa.

-> as you can see in heading PRESSE

PS: Let's go back to F1

I was in barcelona, monte carlo, spielberg and the winner has always been nico rosberg. By the way: on saturday 27th june 2015 he celebrates his 30th birthday.
Please send him an email to nolte@nicorosberg.com and tell him "you got this information from the crazy german RR1155".

Tomorrow I go to goodwood and visit the F1 in

  • silverstone
  • budapest
  • spa
  • monza
  • singapure
  • abu dhabi

and on 29th on november nico will find out if it was a good decision of me to be his lucky charm.

PPS: top fotos will be presented to you soon.

your Ralf Rühlemann

RR, 25.06.2015